Perfect Feet and the Perfect Blonde

I (Claire) love blondes!! There’s something about them that really gets my pussy gushing. This pic was in my inbox and was there from the last encarnation of our site. Submitted by her boyfriend Mike, Mike claims that his girl Nikki, is a member of Mensa. Imagine that, a really really fit and intelligent blonde with the most perfect feet; I would get my dildo out for Nikki any day of the week. I wonder where she’s from? Nikki, message me through the FACEBOOK page.



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Claire Roby

I'm Claire and I'm probably a rarity, I have just as much of a foot fetish as any man, but I'm blessed with choice because I get off on both sexes. I used to work for WIRED as a writer but it just got too intense. Now, along with other sites, I do this for fun, and because it turns me on. Damn.

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