Saskia Rose – English Beauty

Here we are minding our own business and suddenly, a submission drops into our Twitter pool. Meet Saskia, this beauty has the nicest blowie lips, the perfect body, beautiful green eyes. However, there’s more perfection afoot. Just look at the georgous soles and toes, these feet, the soles, everything about her is perfect. This one our manager wants a full gallery of, if she allows us, but we’re happy with just this one at the moment, as you are.

Feeling generous? Buy Saskia a gift, something she really wants. Visit here wishlist here!

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Scott Edmundson
I'm Scott from Dunkirk, I have always loved feet, so much so I've been out with some right ugly thuggettes, but their feet were next to perfect, and that was more than good enough. I'm not as educated or expo'd as the other writers, but I can give you a laugh or make them tea.


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